Monday, June 15, 2009

Deep Contemplation

Okay, So I waited and waited and nobody decided to post. So i'll mix it up a bit with something I wrote just recently while deep in contemplation. It goes something like this:

I think I know how it all works, because it doesn't.
I mean, why else would I be thinking about this?
Why is it such an overwhelming desire to find out how and why it's doing what it's doing?
*I suppose like all things, it has two sides - yin and yang anyone?
Relationships can be seen between every perceivable part of our consciousness . Lets take something completely materialistic for instance, like a... shoe. A shoe has it's highs and lows.. they provide foot protection, but also limit use of your toes. And a battery, well it's size increases with the amount of storage you want. Whatever we consider too large/too small, in-fashion out-of-fashion, long or short is the exact essence of life. That is why it exists.

Now I have this theory that, life is *as I've described*, but it is actually a fair bit older than your mind on it's own.
We have a VERY large consciousness. It is what encases us. It is our melting mesh of existence. A collaborative entanglement of mankind's ideas and developments.
Consciousness is 'recorded' in memories. We do not know how they exist, but they do. We continuously try to use our creativity to find an answer. Queue: WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE! Trying to reach something better while tackling the problems life [time and consciousness], tries to push us away with.
Like a drug.

Before people developed language and started recording what we were doing, we had no need or desire to strive for anything outside of our lifetime.
For arguments sake, a koala eats eucalyptus leaves and is like "hells yeah". Then when the koala dies, it may or may not have offspring, but doesn't even think or need worry about the trees he was eating being there. No need to find out why the leaves were there.. they just kept his tummy full. He didn't look for a consequence, and wasn't left with one.

Let's take the next "smartest" animal on our planet.
Well really, who is it?
For "Smartness" I turn to animals that can directly change their future moreso than others.
The Ape is probably our closest rival, for their ability to use tools to complete otherwise near-impossible tasks. We perceive this as smart, but they don't have the worlds largest brain size, so how does that work?
Well a very comparable brain mass to ours, not even mentioning larger brain masses would be the dolphin.
They have been recorded as very intelligent animals in terms of strategy and communication, but they don't have houses, pogo sticks or blokesworld. They don't want that shit, and they don't need it.
Once their environment changes, there will have to be a mutation/evolution of the prior being, to alter life and maintain the population. This triggers a change in, or the beginnings of consciousness.
Most animals become extinct.

This in itself is an evolution of what we exist in and we are currently on the brink of change. When you have people like Fabio faggin' up the place, you just figure.. EVOLUTION ENDS HERE.
But, avast!
There are genius', pioneering the perceivable future, as we strive for answers and extended TIME. Technological advancements help us tackle tasks faster than possible before, or even make them possible if they weren't.
If i become deaf, I can at least look forward to having a bionic cochlea implant that can match and with time and advancements surpass my previous hearing ability.

* Here's the ultimate scenario for everything. It has no meaning, it can be forgotten and equalized with no adverse repercussions.

And since we started nearing the end of our biological evolution [beginning of speech/conversation], we have developed something that does not really need to exist. It is made through instinct in itself. It sub-consciously chooses what you might do, to prolong the species. Your 6th sense. The main sense.
There is no free will. It exists nowhere but in our consciousness.

All this shit here, doesn't matter. In the end is an ever-evolving species. That is it. You decide to never have kids? It doesn't matter a fuck, because you are just dropped out of consciousness and blended back into that melting mesh of existence. The evolutionary process will continue. If there is more than one, they will battle it out on their search for equality.

The battle is currently with computers. Although as it's been seen with implants, it will be near-seamless. It WILL be near seamless, and shall be this way unless other problems arise – and here it is. The rich and the poor. I am sorry, but if you do not have money, you cannot live for as long as your hybrid/bionic counterpart. You will either split off in search of greener pastures, join the force through some joint movement, or become extinct.

Robots? No. Don't be silly. Robots are not feasible, and this is why I believe the most part of humanity will continue on in it's path through recorded normality.

I can delve a LOT more into this, but it is near infinite only within the confines of the only textual language I know.

Don't fight it.

Well that last post was, quite honestly, very depressing.
I'm sorry about that. I actually wrote that whole thing in one quick burst. I didn't do alot of thinking, it was just fingers tapping away on a keyboard. Reading it now, I'm obviously crazy.

It might make sense on a very broad level, but it's just me trying to define something you can't. You just can't. If we could, there would be no need for any of this.

I also said there is two sides to everything. And there is.
Here's the other side of the entire post.
This is everything in it's entirety. I can't zone out into a place of complete serenity and pureness. I'm not a monk, and if I was I would be like "yo fuck this shit".

So now i'm thinking, well if this is everything, compared to nothing... then this can give me MORE than I could ever imagine on my own.
And as for the end of biological evolution.. Sure. This is true. But our future is NOT bleak.

You know what?
I look forward to being the 6 million dollar man. That is cool. That is something to look forward to! The hate I have for this planet and our people right now equals out by our very impressive future. It's all happening right now and I can't help but be excited.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blast from the past

I've just been googling and found this long forgotten haunt. I just want to resurrect it for all of 2 seconds even if nobody reads it :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Quick Calabrese Update

Hey everyone,

Been pretty busy lately. Works a bitch as everyones probably is, and i've had less and less time to actually sit here on this thing.

Actually, i haven't even really been getting out much either. It's been at least 6 months since i went on a date with Darrkon, and it'll probably be another 6 months before he recovers from the last one.

The net was where I used to express myself, and since i haven't been on here all that much lately, i've turned to my guitar.

Here's a song i whipped up with 2 mates, and i reckon 27,000 views in 9 days aint so bad.
Digg it and rate/comment it if you can !
Oh, and if you don't get it, don't try find out ;)

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'll keep you's posted in not-so-close intervals just to give everyone else a chance to post.

Take it easy,

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I won!! I really won!!

Got the email yesterday, and FUCK YES! it is confirmed, i have won as a driver at the mazda performance drive day!

I get to drive the mazda MX5, RX8, mazda 6 MPS and the mazda 3 MPS.... freely, around Oran Park Raceway.

I'll also get a training session and some hot tips from pro drivers as a hot lap with dickie johnson.

I think maybe this is the coolest thing that has happned to me.